The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack

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Designed especially to please those players whose Sims are a cut above the crowd this expansion pack hand-delivers a lifestyle of wealth and fame to Maxis' best-selling PC people simulator. For the first time players can follow their Sims to work as they pursue careers as rock stars, movie stars or supermodels in the new customizable studio town area. Studio town is full of movie lots, recording facilities and fashion halls as well as friendly agents who will lead the way to stardom for a nominal, industry-standard percentage no doubt. It's not always you know as much as you know so time spent in studio town schmoozing industry insiders and fellow wannabes is well spent. In addition to the ratings for relationships and skills players can now track the fame score ratings of their characters. Sims now have a five-star meter that fills, half a star at a time as they gain publicity and popularity among the masses.

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