The House of Secrets (Issue #131)

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"The Island of Crawling Flesh!", script by Michael Fleisher, art by Arthur Suydam; A scientist and his wife become victims of a tropical disease when they withhold knowledge of a possible cure from the natives in the interest of recording the disease's progress. "The Girl in the Red Dress!", script by Steve Skeates, art by Gerry Talaoc; A murderer has a recurring dream of a girl in a red dress telling him that she is going to avenge the death of his victim. As he walks into the street he is so stunned at seeing the girl from his dream on a billboard warning pedestrians to be careful crossing the street that he doesn't get out of the way of the truck that plows right into him. "Point of No Return," script by Jack Oleck, art by Alex Niño; A bully wants to marry a girl whom he believes has money but her father and brother won't hear of it. The bully contacts a witch about getting help but she tells him that he has to do something very evil, so he stabs the father and leaves him in the swamp for the alligators. The witch tells him that was an acceptable evil deed so she gives him a voodoo doll made up like the brother that he can torment until he's ready to stab it through the heart. Cover art by Luis Dominguez. 36 pgs., full color.

Issued May 1975

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