The House of Secrets (Issue #130)

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"Winner Take All," script by Jack Oleck, art by Quico Redondo; A man in a card game murders another player who catches him cheating as he wants to win enough money to buy his own ship. He flees, but the police fire a shot at him. When he revives, a wealthy woman calling herself Sabrina arranges to have a gambling match arranged for him so that he can win the money to buy his own ship. Abel's Fables cartoon page by Sergio Aragonés. "All Dolled Up," script by David Michelinie, art by Ruben Yandoc (as Rubeny); A father buys his little girl a doll that resembles her cruel stepmother. After the father accidentally steps on the doll and the woman's head momentarily feels like it's being crushed, she puts it down to coincidence. When she feels as though she is drowning, and sees the little girl get out of the bathtub with the wet doll, the woman feels uncertain. When the little girl spills hot tea on the doll's face and she suffers a burn, she tells the husband to get rid of it. Cover art by Ernie Chua (as Ernie Chan). 36 pgs., full color.

Issued April 1975

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