My Little Cthulhu

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My Little Cthulhu is a lovable, huggable version of everyone's favorite elder god. Cthulhu is very, very old and he has grown bored of eating human sacrifices, so he has decided to try out the jobs of our world. Join him on his adventures in the mortal world.

Our journey so far:


A brief stint of being turned into an eggplant

Santa Claus (going down chimneys, unannounced, was not our best idea)

A visit to the Steampunk convention

Attending nursery school (diapers just aren't his style)

Coming Soon: Teaching preschool, captaining a pirate ship, joining the navy, being a hula dancer, cowboy, being a royal, being a fairy, attending a music festival (some people think this is a job, so why not), and trick-or treating.

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